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I love my homeland, when i saw this film. Specially I love my family, my friend, my relation.


This is a great movie.
This movie contains much meaning that teach Cambodia people to love and Care more about their own country and everything. I am Khmer, I Like my country, and my country will have a great develop soon, I wish.


I really love this movie. when i watch it, i felt that i'm in this movie too because ít is my birth place. i was born in Site-2 camp. i hope one day i can go there again.

Chetra-Khmer Mekong Films

After watching this films "Cambodia Dreams" I feel shocked and i miss my grandmother at the same times at Kav-E-Dang camp. i want to said special thank to Stanley Harper that making this films to shared to new generation know during hard times at the camp. Thanks


good firm


I realy like this films


Where can I get this "CAMBODIA DREAM" to share with my relatives in USA?

Thanks in advance


Hi,...Editors.i love a deepen my homeland.i was so sad,i was shocked,i was unbelievable,i was uncertainty,i was felt insulted about my homeland,i was really unspeech,its great film showing ex-invent.everyone know! my eyes was down with tearing with blurred and crying unexpected.i also lost my great father.i just saw at last night on sunday 11-jan-2009.that i never seen that film before...great performing......samdech hunsen and other high leader as.. take advantage from Vietnamese soldiers to liberated to free Cambodia to save Cambodian to following his her policy(Vietnam)...etc...i think they was no choice...waiting for good chance,good condition,good world environment to skip and own ability control country....we could not insult and curse or blamed or criticized them...they were servant of God that appointed to be leader in Cambodia even if they were unliteratured in that time or high education....i have unbelievable to Opposition Parties at all...i returned and change my opinion change my is so important..dont treat the life as the first experience like Pol Pot era....i like the history film.i would like to get this film...enlightening my way in the future....its so late abit to pursue empower of Country(modern country)...30yrs ago.i am and others youths new generations are the burden to build this country.


like a small bird,like a tiny eagle need to grow up,Must need a keeper,need to crawling up,own feeding,fly to the sky,wing so far,floating in the sky.,..will defense territory,protect,care lover....Protect a nest,soon reply competitor.^^

rebecca draisey

i saw this film last night and it is one of the best films i have seen in the last decade. it deserves a wide audience.

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